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Honey Badger Announces Completion of Geophysical Survey and Preliminary Sampling on LG Diamonds Project

Honey Badger Exploration Inc. announces that it completed both a helicopter magnetic geophysical survey and a preliminary sampling program on its Company's LG Diamonds Project located in Northern Quebec.

The new geophysical survey identified numerous isolated circular anomalies. The anomalies are located along interpreted deep major liniments that could represent conduits or pathways for kimberlites. Prospecting and sampling near the targets resulted in numerous potassium rich ultramafic rock units that can be associated with kimberlites. These samples will be sent in for geochemical analysis. No bedrock samples were able to be collected at our highest priority targets as the targets themselves are covered with what appear to be shallow swamps.

Quentin Yarie, President & CEO, commented: "The magnetic model developed from the recent survey has provided promising results, indicating several anomalies extend beyond 1000m depth. The observation of surface depressions associated with magnetic lows supports the potential for kimberlites on the LG diamonds property. We are in the process of finalizing our future drill program based on these results."

Modeling of the newly acquired magnetic data has confirmed the LG targets have magnetic anomalies typical of kimberlite like features. As an example KB3 is an isolated magnetic low of approximately 300nT with modelled surface dimensions of 212.4 metres X 128.8 metres and interpreted depth extend >1 kilometer. Note: that in the Body Properties boxes the Length (A) and (B) are radii not diameter.


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