Posted in | Lithium | Mining Business Announces Significant Indication of Lithium on Lac Fire Property in Quebec Inc. is pleased to announce that on our Lac Fire property we have a significant indication of Lithium. According to the USGS metal reports, Lithium ore grades vary from >1% in pegmatites to between 0.05% and 0.75% in brines. Lithium is used principally in ceramics and glass; electrical and electronic equipments such as batteries; lubricating greases; inorganic salts for pyrotechnics, hygroscopic uses, dessicants and ropellents/fuels); air treatment and purifications; optics in mobile phones as resonant crystals; coolants in nuclear reactors; primary aluminum production; continuous casting; rubber and thermoplastics; and pharmaceuticals.

SNET is also pleased to announce the significant indications of Tantalum ore grades range from 200 g/t to 300 g/t on the Lac Fire property. Tantalum is more cost effective to extract. Processing is considerably minimal in comparison to most other metals. Tantalum is used for the production of electronic components such as capacitors and resistors in mobile phones, PC's and automotive electronics; alloys that have high melting points, are strong and have good ductility; chemical reaction vessels and pipes such as coils; ultra high frequency electron tubes for radio transmitters; high refractive index glasses for camera lenses; vacuum furnace parts; shaped charge and explosively formed penetrator liners; watches; and orthopedic implant materials.

"Further exploration is on target for this September on the Lac Fire properties. Lithium and Tantalum is our company's focus for this area." Anne Carioti, CEO

About The Eldor and Lac Fire Projects:, Inc. acquired 8 new lithium-tantalum claims in James Bay, Quebec, Canada. The block of 8 new claims share a 12 km boundary which is on three sides with the Rose Lithium Tantalum Property of Critical Elements Corp. The new Lac Fire property was staked to strategically cover ground that may be on strike and have similar geology to the Rose Lithium Tantalum Resource.

The company has signed an agreement to acquire 100% interest in the Eldor Rare Earth Property Claims (The Eldor Project) located inNorthern Quebec, Canada (one of the most favorable mining jurisdictions in the world). The Eldor Project consists of 34 mineral claims covering approximately 3951 acres and is located in Northern Quebec which is considered one of the most favorable mining jurisdictions in the world.

About, Inc.: is a U.S. based publicly traded exploration and development company. Their focus in on rare metals and rare earth elements which are among the primary input materials for the 21st Century technology.


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