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Harfang Offers Updates on its Serpent Property, James Bay, Québec

Harfang Exploration Inc. has reported that a new 2,755 linear km high-resolution heliborne magnetic survey exposes a 3.5 km long structural corridor along the Mista discovery (Cu-Au-Ag) on the Serpent Property in the James Bay region of Québec. Harfang owns 100% of the Property with no NSR.

(Image credit: Harfang Exploration Inc.)

The survey offers insight into the link between magnetic features, mapped structures, and adjacent copper-gold-silver occurrences. Intensely motivated by this link, Harfang is scheduled to recommence exploration work on the Property in early June largely guided by this new comprehensive magnetic survey.

The high-resolution survey reveals two vital structures recognized from the magnetic discontinuities which are related to mapped shear zones: a WNW-ESE trend (Mista structure) and an East-West trend (Viper structure). Both trends are overlapped by gold-bearing till anomalies (up to more than 30 g/ton Au). New analyses from rock samples of the Mista discovery (1.12% Cu, 0.23 g/t Au, and 8.68 g/ton Ag over 10 m [channel] show mineralization contains an anomalous content in tellurium (up to 18.2 ppm Te) and in bismuth (up to 125 ppm Bi). A mineralogical survey showed that disseminated chalcopyrite and minor sulfides (pyrrhotite and pyrite) are mostly hosted in quartz veins cutting across foliated wacke and quartz-rich arenite (or quartzite) and foliated to gneissic tonalite. Mineralized quartz veins were deformed along a WNW-ESE shear zone (Mista structure). The Viper showing about 21.91 g/ton Au matches with quartz veining in a tonalite-hosted hematized shear zone striking into an East-West direction (Viper structure). A number of rock samples gathered in the adjacent areas of these showings returned anomalous gold (up to 0.3 g/ton Au) and copper (up to 0.67%) values.

Initial data interpretation also reveals a potential for further discoveries along such multi-kilometer corridors which signify promising grounds for future exploration development. The nearby area surrounding Mista and Viper deserves more detailed fieldwork study. Forthcoming exploration work will mostly consist of mechanical trenching of recently discovered gold, copper, and silver occurrences, in prospecting and geological mapping, and in rock and till sampling. This field intervention will aid in putting together a suitable geophysical survey (for example, induced polarization survey) which could be followed up by drilling.

Once abandoned by prospectors and geologists, this geological setting ruled by a wide range of intrusions rather than sedimentary and volcanic rocks (greenstone belts) is presently emerging as an extremely prospective Cu-Au-Ag ground in James Bay.

About the Serpent Property

The Property has 327 claims spanning 16,922 ha. Thirty-two (32) claims were added to the Property since the previous press release (December 10th, 2018). It is situated 80 km SSE of the Radisson locality and only 10 km east of the James Bay Road. Lithologies are dominantly related to the Langelier Complex which includes foliated and gneissic tonalite and diorite interpreted as the Archean crustal basement onto which was set a volcano-sedimentary assemblage partly preserved on the Property. Two major mineralized zones were found during the latest exploration projects, that is, the Langelier exhibiting (91.48 g/ton Au over 0.45 m [channel]) and the Mista exhibiting (1.12% Cu, 0.23 g/ton Au, and 8.68 g/ton Ag more than 10 m, including 2.09% Cu, 0.45 g/ton Au, and 16.4 g/ton Ag over 4 m [channel]).

About the heliborne magnetic survey

The high-resolution heliborne magnetic survey was flown over the whole property by Geo Data Solutions GDS Inc. (Laval, Québec) from March 18th to 26th, 2019. The crew did their work in Radisson. The survey covered 2,755 linear km along North-South oriented traverse lines and East-West oriented tie lines spaced at 75 m and 464 m, respectively. Minimum ground clearance was measured at 30 m.

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