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Interra Completes Ground Geophysical and Geochemical Work at its Thane Property

Interra Copper Corp. has reported the completion of an additional ground geophysical and geochemical survey at its Thane Property spread over an area of 206 km2 in North Central British Columbia.

Gail area lithology with soil and IP grid. Image Credit: Interra Copper Corp.

Interra has also performed more geophysical and geochemical studies supporting the assumption of a proximate copper porphyry system, where the geology exhibited further relevant signatures and supporting mineralogy. The company has now fully submitted geological and core samples to ALS. Results from the summer program have started materializing.

Interra completed grid establishment and soil sampling at the Gail Zone. Four lines encompassing a historical copper/moly-in-soil anomaly in 1974 by Noranda Mining and Exploration Company, Limited were established. This anomaly hosts historical soil samples of up to 2,100 ppm Cu and is on strike with the proximate Gail Showing.

The length of the Gail Lake grid is 1400 ft (430 m), and its width is 200 to 800 ft (60–240 m) hosted in an area of limited soil development. Soil samples consist of 44 gathered at intervals of 100 ft and averaging 733 ppm Cu, with a maximum of 2100 ppm. Moreover, in the southern half of the grid, where the highest Cu values were gathered, the samples averaged 50 ppm Mo, or up to 75 ppm.

In addition, composites of rock (talus) chips were gathered along contours above the soil grid elevation. Representing a 60-m-long transverse along the contour talus, each sample included about 200 chips, where each chip was collected nearly 1 ft, or 0.3 m, apart. The average Cu values were 520 ppm, and the maximum value was 710 ppm, which shows anomalous values across the bulk of the area. No Mo values were reported.

The primary lithology includes coarse-grained monzo-diorite with differing feldspar/mafic ratios and heterogeneous textures. Fine-grained syenitic or granitic lithologies occur as tiny dykes.

The common occurrence of epidote in all rock types as fine stringers or irregularly concentrated clots indicates a wide propylitic alteration. The salmon-red coloration of the granitoids and the complete biotitization and chloritization of the mafic hornblende crystals point toward intense potassic alteration.

Chalcopyrite, pyrite, bornite, and molybdenite mineralization exist as irregularly distributed blebs and smears in fractures and veins. They also occur as sporadic disseminated mineralization close to them.

Furthermore, Interra has unearthed supergene native copper concerning this system. Positive prospecting and the predicted outcomes from the Gail zone render this target a high priority for Interra’s 2022 summer program.

Our Thane property has continued to produce the positive geological results we have come to expect after 9 years of investment in the project. The identification of 5 solid bulk-tonnage copper gold targets is a result of our own work and the work of number of accomplished junior and senior mining exploration companies.

Jason Nickel, CEO, Interra Copper Corp.

We are pleased to have completed further work on our Gail zone which has now become a top priority for next stage of drilling and exploration towards realizing value from this significant potential,” added Nickel.

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