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Tamino to Focus on Mining Lithium for the Electric Vehicle Industry

Due to the increasing demand and high profitability in lithium mining for the rapidly growing EV industry, Tamino Minerals or Tamino (OTC: TINO) has decided it's in the company's best interest to share its primary focus to also mining lithium at this time. Tamino holds numerous mining claims throughout Sonora, Mexico and believes there to be large amounts of minerals that include lithium present within these areas after comprehensive testing.

The State of Sonora is known to hold the largest lithium deposit (243.8 Mt) in the world but up to date Australia and Chile are recorded to be the largest producer of lithium. Chile, Australia and Argentina were the countries with the largest reserves during 2020. Major discoveries occurred during 2021 due to the increase in focus on Climate Change and the shift to Electric Vehicles.

Tamino will focus on mining lithium in an environmentally friendly manner so it can focus on securing contracts with some of the largest EV automakers in the world with Tesla (Nasdaq:TSLA) being a top priority. There will be additional news coming this week as Tamino works diligently towards accomplishing its objectives! According to Electrek, Tesla has applied for a new patent that is revealing the lithium extraction process that Elon Musk vaguely described as "using table salt to basically extract lithium from ore" during Tesla's Battery Day last year.

Tamino Minerals, Inc. has focused its effort on various minerals besides Lithium as it holds important Gypsum mining claims and its looking to expand its mining activities. Gypsum, also known as Selenite, is used in the production of various minerals as a Mix Homogenizer and to eliminate humidity.


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