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Spod Lithium Identifies Potential Pegmatites in James Bay Territory

Spod Lithium Corp. reports the identification of potential Pegmatites on its Megali and Lithium Grande 4 properties in the James Bay Territory. Spod hired Japosat Satellite Mapping (Japosat) of Montreal, Quebec to analyze satellite pictures for the Company’s Megali and Lithium Grande 4 projects. The images acquired from Japosat are encouraging.

Spod Lithium, Pegmatites, James Bay Territory
Spod Lithium Corp. Engages Japosat—Potential Pegmatites Identified—Fieldwork to Begin. Image Credit: Spod Lithium Corp.

Japosat gathered and analyzed satellite pictures to offer precise data indicating locations of the mineral surface outcrop, regions with lithium mineralization potential, priority locations for surface sampling, and accessibility information.

The satellite mapping results are highly promising and strongly suggest multiple granite pegmatite outcrops on both projects. The data analysis and final report will be used to plan the future season’s sampling and prospecting fieldwork, which is scheduled for both projects in the next two weeks. Japosat has been providing satellite imagery studies for mineral development projects in the Americas, Africa, and Asia since 2008.

North Area

The southwest part of the north block of claims is where most whitish rock outcrops and boulders that comprise pegmatite granite are found. Most outcrops, sub crops, and boulders appear to be spatially aligned in a 1000 m long by 200 m wide west–east structure. A few little outcrops appear to favor an SW–NE direction and have dyke-like shapes.

Southeast Area

The whitish rock outcrops and boulders, which could be pegmatite granite, are mostly found in the northern region of the east block of claims. On those claims, there is a remarkable concentration of sub-crops and boulders. They all appear in whitish to bright cyan colors on false infrared satellite images, such as in the case of the north area.

Southwest Area

The whitish rock outcrops and boulders that may be of pegmatite granite composition are mostly found in the northwestern half of the main claim block. The regions where relatively big outcrops prevail are

  1. Within the north and central regions of claims where the whitish outcrop appears to be limited by an SW–NE folding structure, 1000 m long by 3 to 15 m wide.
  2. Within the southern part where the whitish outcrops appear to be limited by another SW–NE significant structure 1000 m long by 100 m wide.

Japosat’s report also suggests a) a LiDAR survey and b) comprehensive pegmatite testing to assess the lithium grade/resources at the surface.

We are very anxious to move forward with our lithium projects. Numerous targets have been identified by Japosat and the CV13 pegmatite cluster found by Patriot last month is located only 1300 m from our project.

Chris Cooper, CEO, Spod Lithium Corp.

The Megali property includes 78 mineral claims totaling 3,996.67 hectares (40 km²), whereas the Lithium Grande 4 project includes 41 mining claims totaling 2,100 hectares (21 km²). Both the Megali and Lithium Grande 4 projects are next to Patriot Battery Metals’ project and are less than 2.7 km south-southeast (Megali) and less than 2.0 km south (Lithium Grande 4) from Patriot’s recently discovered Corvette lithium project.

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