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C+C Energia Updates on Operations at Cachalote-1 Well

C&C Energia has completed and examined the Neme Formation that is located in the Cachalote-1 well in Colombia. The well will be abandoned. Neme sandstone was intercepted for 271 ft in the Cachalote-1 well. This contains oil shows over around 130 ft of interval and has 21% of average porosity.

The company perforated this Neme reservoir in the interval from 5,642 to 5,660 ft and from 5,676 to 5,718 ft on a swab test that flowed from the oil traces with low perforations. The gravity of oils is 13.8° API. The fresh water was tested at rate of 1,280 bbls per day. The upper perforations examined the oil traces and fresh water of 1,020 barrels per day.

A test program was conducted on the Cachalote-1. The data gathered from this test has shown the recovered oil from these excellent reservoirs probably represents the accumulation of residual oil in a structure, which has been flushed or breached by fresh water. The Cachalote-1 is the Andaquies block’s primary exploration well that is situated in the north Putumayo Basin of Colombia. C&C is the operator of this well, as it has a 64% working interest.

C&C Energia and Canacol Energy have planned to mobilize the drill rig at Cachalote-1 to the Tardigrado prospect, which is situated on the Andaquies block’s north part as early as possible. These companies will spud the Tardigrado-1 well in two to three weeks. The Tardigrado prospect appears to be a three-way structural closure adjacent to a fault with capacity in the Caballos and Neme formations.


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