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Saskatchewan Potash For Burma (Myanmar)

Canpotex Limited (Canpotex) plans to make its first potash shipment to Myanmar following the removal of economic sanctions by the Government of Canada against Myanmar.

"The relaxation of economic sanctions and export prohibitions following democratic reforms in Myanmar allows Canpotex to expand into this new market," stated Steve Dechka, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canpotex. "We look forward to providing potash that will contribute to higher crop yields and improved livelihoods of Myanmar's citizens."

The export of Canpotex potash fertilizer to developing countries over the past forty years has resulted in an increase in economic prosperity in those countries as their farmers develop better fertilization methods and grow more and better crops.

Canpotex plans to further support this new market through the introduction of its market development programs to Myanmar.  "Our programs, which have been operational since 1983, have helped farmers in many parts of the world receive the training and support they need to achieve improved crop yields through better agricultural and fertilizer management practices," noted Steve Dechka.

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