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Digital Rock Physics Company Acquires Xradia X-ray Microscope for Characterizing Core Samples

Xradia, Inc., the leading developer and manufacturer of high-resolution 3D X-ray microscopes (XRM) for the lab, announced today that Houston-based Ingrain, a global provider of digital rocks physics services to oil and gas companies, has taken delivery of a VersaXRM-500, its tenth Xradia imaging system for characterizing core samples to optimize oil and gas production.

According to Marcus Ganz, CEO of Ingrain, "Xradia's technology combined with our patented computational capabilities allow us to quickly provide information on porosity, permeability, electrical conductivity, elastic properties, capillary pressure and relative permeability -- all of which help our customers to more accurately estimate the potential for their reserves and make faster, better-informed field development decisions. This information translates directly to a significant savings for them, reducing idle time at drill sites, or wasted time at sites that are less likely to be productive."

Digital rock physics companies like Ingrain use high-resolution 3D imaging to compute data on core plugs, looking at them from the "inside-out" to deliver necessary data on physical properties and fluid flow characteristics to the world's largest oil and gas companies. Ingrain's systems have been running at almost 100% capacity to keep up with exploration demands.

The workhorse for companies wanting to characterize the microstructure in core plug samples is Xradia's submicron-level VersaXRM, which enables non-destructive analysis of core plugs ranging from a few millimeters to 50 millimeters in diameter. It provides high-resolution full 3D imaging down to 700nm true spatial resolution for visualization, analysis and modeling of intact samples, which is not possible with surface analysis tools. With the ability to maintain high resolution over large working distances, the VersaXRM can provide high resolution measurements for larger samples and samples inside core holders for flow and compression characterization.

"We are excited to support the growth in Ingrain's oil and gas business as they help their customers maximize their drilling sites through more effective analysis. Their unique computational methodology combines well with the ability of our platforms to image complex internal structures. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with them as they continue to push the limits of geological exploration," said Rod Browning, President and CEO of Xradia, Inc.


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