MSA-330 Multi-Stream Slurry XRF Analyzer

The Thermo Scientific™ MSA-330 Multi-Stream Analyzer provides accurate, fast, cost-effective elemental analysis of up to 12 slurry streams for cement, coals and mineral plants. The data provided allows plant operators to follow process trends in real time, enabling automatic or manual changes to optimize the process.

The Thermo Scientific™ MSA-330 Multi-Stream Analyzer provides simultaneous analysis of up to 20 elements and percent solids. It offers the most flexible multi stream elemental analysis solution for process control and monitoring for mineral beneficiation circuits and can be combined with the Thermo Scientific™ AnStat-330 online sampling and elemental analysis station to optimize any existing or new plant.


  • Advanced energy dispersive X-ray detector 
  • Peltier cooled detector does not require liquid nitrogen 
  • High availability 
  • Accurate and reliable 
  • 3 to 12 analysis streams 
  • Streams remain separate through the complete system 
  • Composite sampling included 
  • Low slurry head loss of less than 0.8m across the MSA

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