ZEISS Xradia 510 Versa X-Ray Microscope

The Xradia Versa series of 3D X-Ray microscopy (XRM) systems are the newest generation of non-destructive micro tomography technologies. With a flexible mix of world-leading resolution and contrast, sample flexibility and the vast working distance necessary to solve future research issues, the Xradia 510 Versa improves industry and science. Even for large samples, the system’s source technology and high-resolution detector give unrivaled sub-micron resolution.


  • Imaging of the same material at multiple lengths scales over a wide variety of magnifications, down to <0.7 μm True Spatial ResolutionTM
  • Supports a wide range of in situ setups for submicron imaging of practical sized samples (mm to inches) up to 15 kg in weight
  • The design of the microscope allows for the maximum resolution at the greatest working distance from the source, which is essential for in situ and huge sample imaging

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