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  • Article - 27 Aug 2018
    Oil analysis is a highly advantageous tool for gear systems used in both industrial and mobile equipment. Despite being designed to be highly reliable, they bring about disruption and incurred costs...
  • Article - 15 Jan 2014
    Block caving is a gravity-based underground mining method that involves breaking up the rock mass located at depth into pieces. This method is particularly suitable for low-grade minerals or with...
  • Article - 5 Sep 2019
    This article discusses the vehicles that are best equipped to be used for mining in space.
  • Article - 26 Aug 2019
    In July 2019, the Australian government announced approval for the construction of the nation’s first compressed air energy storage (CAES) facility.
  • Article - 27 Aug 2018
    Chillers find applications across various industries to eliminate heat from facilities or from processes. Chiller oil analysis is necessary to reduce wear in chiller systems.
  • Article - 27 Aug 2018
    Transmissions are highly complicated systems for converting and directing power from an engine to a drive train or other end application. Transmission oil analysis is necessary to reduce wear in...
  • Article - 28 Oct 2016
    A mining operation is a combination of multiple activities. The automated control used in many drilling operations, allows an operator to configure and run the equipment remotely.
  • Article - 10 Apr 2019
    The electrification of mining vehicles will likely gain momentum as mines age, technology advances and mining operations extract more ore.
  • Article - 2 Sep 2015
    Aaron Baensch talks to AZoMining about using portable XRF analysis in gold exploration applications.
  • Article - 26 Aug 2019
    Electric cars will support the mining industry as they drive up demand for metals such as cobalt, nickel and lithium for batteries, as well as some rare earth metals.