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  • Article - 6 Sep 2012
    Greece with a total population of 10,767,827 as of July 2012, is located in Southern Europe, bordering the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea, between Albania and Turkey. The country...
  • Article - 27 Aug 2012
    Norway is located in northern Europe and borders the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. The country has a total area of 323,802 km2 and a total population of 4,707,270 as per 2012 estimates.
  • Article - 20 Jul 2012
    China is located between Vietnam and North Korea in Eastern Asia and borders South China Sea, Yellow Sea, Korea Bay and East China Sea.
  • Article - 17 Jul 2012
    The Republic of South Africa is located at the southern tip of the African continent and has an area of 1,214,470 km2.
  • Article - 12 Jul 2012
    Ukraine, with a population of approximately 44 million in 2018, is located in Eastern Europe; bordering with Russia in the east and Poland, Romania and Moldova in the west.
  • Article - 1 Jun 2012
    Myanmar is a country of abundant natural resources and is looking towards an economic resurgence after international relationships have become stronger in recent years. This 'Country Focus' article...
  • Article - 26 Mar 2014
    Magmatic segregation is an ore forming process in which the valuable minerals are concentrated by settling them out from cooling magma. Through the magmatic segregation process, one or more minerals...
  • Article - 10 Mar 2014
    Lamprophyre is a group of ultrapotassic igneous rocks which consist of phenocrysts of mica, particularly biotite or phlogopite and amphibole such as pargasite or hornblende.
  • Article - 5 Aug 2013
    Arupite is a monoclinic-prismatic mineral containing phosphorus, oxygen, nickel, manganese, magnesium, iron and hydrogen. The mineral was first discovered in 1990 from the Santa Catherina iron...
  • Article - 19 Feb 2021
    Discover how to analysis Impurities in Gold using the Avio 500 ICP-OES Following ASTM B562-95.