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  • Article - 6 May 2013
    An empirical method is used by Rigaku for the elemental analysis and measurement of iron (Fe) content in mining materials.
  • Article - 16 Nov 2012
    Georgia has a total area of the country is 69,700 km2, and it has a population of 4.003 million as of July 2018. The country enjoys a warm climate.
  • Article - 13 Aug 2012
    French Guiana covers an area of about 83,534 km2 and its total population is 296,711 as of January 2019. The GDP of French Guiana is US $5.18 billion.
  • Article - 6 Aug 2012
    Paraguay has a total population of 7,025,763 as of July 2018 and a total area of 406.753km2. The climate of this country varies from subtropical to temperate.
  • Article - 19 May 2012
    'Fracking'is currently a hot topic in the media, but what does it mean? This article aims to explain the theory and applications of this modern mining technique.
  • Article - 24 Nov 2023
    As 5G networks become more widely available and affordable, the potential benefits for communication and automation in mining are significant. We can expect to see even more innovation and disruption...
  • Article - 29 Sep 2023
    This article explores the viability of deep-sea mining as a sustainable alternative to land-based mining for essential metals.
  • Article - 8 Sep 2023
    This article discusses the significance of gas analysis in mining, including the recent developments and their implications for the safety of mining operations.
  • Article - 5 Sep 2023
    Water is used extensively in mining operations for extraction, slurry storage and transport, dust suppression, and mineral processing. This article discusses using the latest technologies to manage...
  • Article - 1 Sep 2023
    This article examines how collision avoidance systems are revolutionizing mining safety in the 21st century. It explores their applications, market growth, recent developments, and prospects.