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DIFFRACplus TOPAS XRD Analysis Software

DIFFRACplus TOPAS XRD Analysis Software

TOPAS defines a new generation of profile and structure analysis software by seamlessly integrating all currently employed profile fitting techniques as well as related applications:

  • Single Line Fitting
  • Indexing (LSI and LP-Search methods)
  • Whole Powder Pattern Decomposition (Pawley and Le Bail methods)
  • Ab-initio structure determination in direct space from powder and single crystal data
  • Rietveld structure refinement
  • Quantitative Rietveld analysis

TOPAS - the leading edge in powder diffraction

Driven by innovation - it's outstanding and unique fundamental parameters approach, function minimization routines and structure determination capabilities are just a few examples, of how TOPAS is at the leading edge in powder diffraction. Consequently, with an impressive base of more than 2500 users, TOPAS is the most successful commercial profile analysis program available on the market.

TOPAS - the industry standard for quantitative phase analysis

As a result of its unique analytical capabilities, TOPAS has become the industry standard for quantitative phase analysis in industrial areas such as the cement and mining industries.

Most notably are TOPAS' capabilities to determine and refine very large and disordered structures; several of the largest structure solved to date from powder diffraction data have been solved with TOPAS. Not unexpectedly, TOPAS also performed best in the international Structure Determination by Powder Diffractometry Round Robin 2.

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