Long Battery Life for Plant Projects

The development of a new plant turnaround is a major project that requires a significant financial investment, while also providing the potential for significant effects to occur to all involved parties. Furthermore, the development of this type of project requires meticulous planning and a failsafe performance, during which the workflow pattern, number of people, as well as the type of equipment and moving parts will all experience varying changes.

During this process it is extremely important that all involved connections are synchronously maintained in order to ensure that they can limit the amount of time during which the plant is shut down as much as possible. As a result, the constant maintenance of these connections can enhance its working to the greatest extent possible without risking any compromise on the safety aspects throughout the project.

The Radius® BZ1 Area Monitor is ideally suited for this task, as it has been continuously shown to help users achieve a faultless and continuous monitoring of the area of operational revamping in every applied project. Particularly those that require workers to always wear personal gas monitors to comply with the plant’s safety rules.

This monitor has been subjected to extensive testing and verification procedures prior to being stringently recommended for these types of serious applications. Some of the factors that support the use of the Radius® BZ1 Area monitor are detailed below.

Long Battery Life

The extended battery life of the Radius® BZI monitor allows for this device to successfully operate for up to seven or eight days in succession without requiring a battery recharge. This significantly reduces the need for workers to take time out of their daily routine to maintain the instrument.

This is extremely helpful for workers, as a battery recharge requires both the charging of the battery and bump testing, which is reduced to only be required once a week rather than once a day, which is typically required for many other systems.

By reducing the amount of labor required to maintain the monitor, users are also able to significantly reduce related maintenance costs while also limiting potentially hazardous risk exposure, as workers no longer need to enter the areas of renovation when these tools are employed. By ensuring that two reserve monitors are always charged, downtime is completely avoided by a simple replacement of a worn-out instrument monitor with a fully charged one as required.

The structure of the Radius® BZI monitor makes recharging the battery easy, as the removal of the SafeCore® Module, which is the central processing unit (CPU) of the monitor, and correct placement of the module within the DSX™ Docking Station allows for the instrument to automatically recharge and complete bump testing simultaneously. In addition, the ability to monitor the process being carried out for seven to eight days without requiring any changes to the instrument reduces the amount of entry permits that must be issued for workers to attend to these machines.

The Radius BZ1 can quickly be deployed across a plant during a shutdown or turnaround.

The Radius BZ1 can quickly be deployed across a plant during a shutdown or turnaround.

Easy Set-up

In addition to its superior battery storage structure, the design of the Radius BZI means that the monitors only need to be switched on and placed in the appropriate locations to allow for adequate 24/7 monitoring of a hazardous area. Thereby significantly reducing any potential frustration or unnecessary delays that are commonly associated with the use of these types of monitors.

Additionally, since these monitors are equipped with the LENS™ Wireless capability, to ensure that they receive and transmit data from and to each other within the network without requiring the use of any additional computers, software, register licenses or other types of tools.

In the event that an alarm is activated on any of these instruments, the same reading on all the monitors within the same network will also be triggered. Users are also provided with the option to choose to incorporate the Ventis® Pro Series personal gas monitors from Industrial Scientific into their network. The use of these gas monitors, which can be conveniently added in by simply switching them on and setting the channel to the one already used by the network, can add increased surveillance capabilities to the network.

Availability for Rental

This system of gas monitors allows plant managers to decide against a permanent investment, and instead utilize these high-end instruments as part of a detailed turnaround project on a rental basis. Particularly useful for short-term or constantly hanging projects, users are able to determine the number of instruments and date of delivery that would be needed to complete this project to the best of their ability, even if it is decided at the last minute.

Any decisions by the user will not compromise the availability of the required number of monitors that will allow for a constant surveillance of the hazardous area to ensure that utmost safety throughout the course of the project. If the user finds that they will require more monitors, these can be added at the user’s request. Additionally, if any monitors are damaged or inoperative, replacements are guaranteed to occur in less than 48 hours, thereby preventing any unnecessary downtime from occurring.

All monitors are maintained only by Industrial Scientific staff and are already set to client specifications before delivery. As a result, in the event that project planning for a plant turnaround occurs, Industrial Scientific recommends users to consider the exact placement of monitors that will allow for their continued safety monitoring on all operational processes.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Industrial Scientific.

For more information on this source, please visit Industrial Scientific.


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