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SME Mining Reference Handbook

SME Mining Reference Handbook

Engineers are often called on to answer technical questions and solve problems while in the field. It's not always feasible to bring along the bulky reference materials needed to research engineering-related topics.

Now there's a simple solution. The SME Mining Reference Handbook is a practical field reference for mining and minerals engineers who spend time away from the office. With its comprehensive store of charts, graphs, tables, equations, and rules of thumb, the handbook is the essential technical reference for mobile mining professionals. It's also a convenient desk reference for in-office use.

To keep the handbook portable, content was carefully selected to include only the most relevant and widely used information. This distillation of vital technical data was culled from volumes of mining and engineering literature. Its compact size and durable cover make it a convenient resource, ideal for a briefcase, glove compartment, or personal bookshelf.

While written as a quick reference for experienced engineers, students and government practioners will also find it useful.

Chapters include;

  • Project Evaluation
  • Material Properties
  • Exploration and Geology
  • Physical Science and Engineering
  • Mathematics, Statistics, and Probability
  • Weight, Measures, Conversions, Constants, and Symbols
  • Sampling and Analysis
  • Economics and Costing
  • Quality and Specifications of Products
  • Haul Roads
  • Blasting and Explosives
  • Excavation, Loading, and Material Transport
  • Ground Control/Support
  • Ventilation
  • Pumping
  • Power: Electrical and Compressed Air
  • Mineral Processing
  • Site Structures and Hydrology
  • Placer Mining
  • In Situ Leaching
  • Maintenance and Inventory
  • Environment and Reclamation
  • Health and Safety
  • Bonding and Liabilities
  • Web Sites Related to Mining

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