WDXRF Spectrometer Axios FAST from PANalytical Instruments

The Axios FAST is PANalytical’s superior quality simultaneous WDXRF spectrometer. It is constructed on the robust Axios platform and is designed for quick analysis and increased sample throughput applications where speed of analysis means money.

The Axios FAST enables simultaneous measurement of up to 28 elements, offering rapid routine analysis for real-time process control. Also a daily sample throughput of over 1000 samples is possible.

Key Features

The key features of the Axios FAST are:

  • Continuous loading through a turret mechanism
  • 168 position VRC sample changer, with flexible tray loading for unattended batch analysis
  • Direct loading
  • SST-mAX with ZETA technology eliminates tube drift and reduces calibration maintenance
  • CHI-BLUE X-ray tube window coating for high X-ray tube durability and corrosion resistance
  • Dust removal device removes dust from samples before measurement, reduces dust entry to the system and increases uptime
  • Compact measurement chamber with externally mounted channels enables unrestricted access to critical components without compromising the vacuum system allowing rapid post-maintenance stabilization
  • Convenient barcode reader for quick, error-free sample loading and data entry
  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 28 elements, with 2 second measurement per sample
  • High sensitivity HiPer channels for light-element analysis
  • Analytical flexibility with an option of up to 4 goniometers
  • Range of X-ray anode materials (Rh, Cr, Mo, Au) enables excellent performance for specific applications


The Axios Fast is suitable for applications in metals and mining industries and the analytical service laboratories sector including:

  • Analysis of tool steels
  • Analysis of stainless steel with Axios FAST
  • Analysis of low-alloy steel
  • Analysis of iron ore samples prepared as fused beads
  • Analysis of cast iron
  • Wide-range calibration of titanium alloys
  • Wide-range calibration for low-alloy ferritic and austenitic steels
  • Wide-range calibration for aluminium alloys
  • Steel and metals alloy production
  • High-throughput commercial lab services
  • Calibration low-alloy steels

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