In today’s modern power generation, manufacturing, refining, transportation, mining and military operations, the cost of equipment maintenance, service, and lubricants are ever increasing. Parts, labor, equipment downtime, lubricant prices and disposal costs are a primary concern in a well run maintenance management program. Machine condition monitoring based on oil analysis has become a prerequisite in comprehensive maintenance programs.

T2FM stands for Thistle Tube Ferrogram Maker. The heart of the new T2FM is the glass thistle tube. The name comes from its unique shape resembling the thistle plant. The glass thistle tube provides a constant and efficient flow of sample into the substrate. The sample, after dilution, is poured directly into the top of the thistle tube. In seconds, the sample begins flowing across the ferrogram. The diameter and length of the capillary section of the thistle tube control the flow rate onto the ferrogram.

Key Features of the T2FM

  • Efficient separation of wear and contaminant particles from fluid samples.
  • Rapid preparation of ferrogram.
  • No deformation of particles.
  • Separates particles up to 800 ìm in size.
  • Lower cost per sample.
  • Uses fewer consumables.
  • Achieves cleaner rinses.
  • Easy to operate.

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