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    Deister Concentrator is owned by the Sherman Group, an investment firm based in northeastern Indiana. The company provides concentrator systems which are used in scrap processing and recycling,...
  • Equipment
    The Deister Classifying Cyclone can effectively make a separation of slurried particles that are of different sizes.
  • Equipment
    Minco Tech design and provide the most efficient cyclones operating in the world today. Many design components combine to ensure the performance of Minco Tech classifying cyclone is maximized.
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    Krebs Heavy Media Hydrocyclones look like classifying hydrocyclones but they are made specifically to clean coal. A gravimetric separation takes place due to the buoyancy effect of the media forcing...
  • News - 21 Oct 2014
    Stornoway Diamond Corporation (the "Corporation" or "Stornoway") is pleased to announce the results of an optimization in plant design at the Renard Diamond Project which is...