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  • Article - 20 Aug 2012
    Ireland is a small country located in the island of Ireland to the west of United Kingdom. The total area of the country is 70,273 km2, and it has a population of 4,722,028 as of July 2011. The...
  • Article - 16 Aug 2012
    Botswana is a country located in Southern Africa. The total area of the country is 581,730 km2 with a population of 2,098,018 as of July 2011. Its climate is mostly semiarid.
  • Article - 12 Jul 2012
    Russia, with a total population of 138,082,178 (July 2011 est.), is the largest country in the world with a total area of 17,098,242 km.
  • Article - 5 Oct 2012
    Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) is located to the northeast of Angola in Central Africa. The country was formerly known as Zaire. The total area of the country is 2,344,858 km2, and it has a...
  • Equipment
    Using the ARL QUANT’X Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, individuals can swiftly gather composition data from a diverse array of samples in mere minutes. This instrument is proficient...
  • Article - 26 Aug 2019
    With over 4,000 types of minerals, there are many physical properties that make them distinguishable pieces of matter.
  • Article - 20 May 2016
    It is thought that billions of tons of water and rare earth elements, like uranium and thorium exist on the moon, and private companies are aiming to obtain them. The European Space Agency even has...
  • Article - 15 Jun 2022
    Mining is a key global economic activity that has a millennia-old history and has evolved from simple surface resource exploitation in ancient times to the complex and vast quarrying and deep...
  • Article - 14 Nov 2019
    Mining involves excavating useful materials from within solid earth. Stones and rocks uncovered during the process are made of clusters of minerals and they often form crystals.
  • Article - 6 Nov 2012
    Laos is located to the west of Vietnam and northeast of Thailand in Southeastern Asia. The total area of the country is 236,800 km2, and it has a population of 6,586,266 as of July 2011. The country’s...

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