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  • Article - 28 May 2012
    This article gives a brief overview of the most important questions regarding petroleum oil.
  • Article - 5 Mar 2014
    Host rock is simply the rock surrounding the ore deposit. Host rocks as the definition suggests may be found as a host to any kind of ore deposit, from gold to uranium. Host rock may also be defined...
  • Article - 25 Aug 2018
    Initially, engine oil analysis was used as a predictive maintenance tool. To date, it is a method widely used for ensuring the reliability of engine systems.
  • Article - 27 Aug 2018
    Chillers find applications across various industries to eliminate heat from facilities or from processes. Chiller oil analysis is necessary to reduce wear in chiller systems.
  • Article - 23 May 2013
    It is important to carefully monitor and control the production of chemical phosgene used for polycarbonate manufacture as phosgene is highly toxic in the gaseous state. Typically phosgene is...
  • Article - 21 Aug 2018
    The confined space within any underground mine can allow for an unsafe accumulation of significant concentrations of both gases and particles, that form as a result of both natural and...
  • Article - 11 Nov 2021
    This article details a solvent-free and sustainable process by flash Joule heating to recover precious metals and remove hazardous heavy metals in electronic waste (e-waste). The process has been...
  • Article - 17 Jul 2018
    This article gives a guide to oil and how it is formed.
  • Article - 28 Jan 2020
    The generation of abrasive wear and friction can not only cost an industry a considerable amount of money because of downtime and product replacement.
  • Article - 27 Aug 2018
    Compressed air is regarded as the fourth utility after water, power and fuel (natural gas), and generally the one that all customers should generate and offer themselves. Compressor oil analysis is...