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Telestack install TS 2058 Radial Telescopic Stacker for AES Genera Power plant in Chile

Telestack Limited have recently commissioned a TS 2058 Radial Telescopic Stacker in Chile for AES Genera, a coal fired power station in Port of Ventanas, Chile. The stacker is part of a complete vessel unloading and import material handling system upgrade carried out to replace the existing ageing infrastructure.

Thermal Power Plant Ventanas previously had an installed capacity of 330 Mega watts which increased with the extra two units of 250 Megawatts. The total capacity of the coal fired power plant is now 830 Mega watts. The consumption of the two first units operated at full capacity was approximately 1.2 million tonnes per year and is currently expanding to nearly 3 million tonnes of annual coal consumption. The project management of AES Genera Central Thermal coal is associated with a future expansion project in the Port of Ventanas.

Currently the maximum capacity is 1300 tonnes per hour discharge rate. This is made with two Kranbeau cranes with level luffing, free digging, double booms each with capacity of 750 tonnes per hour. These cranes feed on two conventional hoppers with 100 tonne capacity which then feed on a conveyor system rated at 1300 tonnes per hour.

Once onto the conveyor system the material is transported to the coal stockyard via a series of static overhead conveyors and transfer towers. Once the material enters the stockyard it is transferred to the Telestack TS 2058 Radial Stockpiling Conveyor.

The new projected upgrade includes two new cranes of 1200 tonnes per hour free digging with the same level luffing double boom. It is proposed the hoppers will have 150 tonnes capacity upgraded conveyor system of 2000 nominal tones per hour.

TS2058 Radial Telescopic with integrated windrow stockpiling program stockpiling coal

The TS 2058 Radial Telescopic Conveyor has a capacity of 2000 tonnes per hour (with density of 0.85 T/m3 -2,500m3) of coal to cater for this future expansion. The machine incorporates a 1400 mm wide conveyor belt with a 35 metre outer conveyor and 23 metre “stinger” extending inner conveyor to maximise stockpile capacity. The telescopic conveyor enables an additional 30% of material to be stockpiled within the same footprint. Total stacking capacity of the TS 2058 on a 180 degree radius is 136, 360 m3 or 109, 090 Tonnes of coal (Density of 0.8Tonnes). AES Genera were able to further increase this capacity by placing the TS 2058 unit on an elevated 2 metre concrete radial plinth. With the integrated windrow stockpiling program the machine is able to automatically stockpile coal with minimum drop height thus ensuing product integrity is maintained and dust emissions are minimised.

Telestack also supplied the equipment to be compliant with local Chilean structural standards for earthquake conditions. This involved an internal and external audit of structural integrity in order to comply with the rigorous structural standards of the Chilean Code NCh2369. These structural standards are some of the most stringent standards in the world in order to comply with local Seismic conditions in event of an earthquake.

As the machine is operating in a coal fired power plant the equipment also had to be compliant with ATEX standards due to the combustible nature of the material being conveyed. Telestack supplied the equipment with ATEX 21 explosion proof motors, solenoid valves, glands, joints and junction boxes. The control panel was removed from the zone to an operator’s cabin therefore eliminating the requirement for the panel to be ATEX compliant and consequently significantly reducing the capital expenditure for the client.

The equipment also incorporated dual access walkways in order to allow the operators to carry out routine maintenance of the machine due to the machine being positioned above ground level. Impact protection at transfer points along with TIVAR 88 liners ensured efficient and effective material flow of coal over the stacker. Telestack also included ATEX compliant lighting along the machine for 24 hour operation during unloading and stacking process.

Telestack delivered the equipment to site in Chile in 7 x 40 Foot high Cube containers thus minimising freight costs for the client. The modular nature of the equipment with quick and easy to assemble sections enables the machine to be assembled in a short period. Telestack Installation Engineers supervised the installation and commissioning of the equipment.

The unique structural and electrical requirements of this application illustrate Telestack’s continuous commitment to supplying equipment which fulfils local standards and regulations whilst providing value for money, quality engineered and manufactured equipment on a global scale. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, we are able to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers around the world.

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