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Sedimentary Rocks in the Field

Sedimentary Rocks in the Field

Professionals and Students in geology, environmental sciences, ocean sciences, geochemistry and soil sciences; also for professionals in resource management, petroleum geology and more.

Contents: Preface Acknowledgemnets 1 Overview 2 Field Techniques 3 Principal Characteristics of Sedimentary Rocks 4 Conglomerates 5 Sandstones 6 Mudrocks 7 Carbonate Rocks 8 Cherts and Siliceous Sediments 9 Phosphorites 10 Coal and Oil 11 Evaporites 12 Ironstones 13 Soils, Paleosols, and Duricrusts 14 Volvaniclastic Sediments 15 Interpretations and Depositional Environments References and Key Texts Metric-Imperial Conversions Index Appendices – Stratigraphic Timescale – Mapping Symbols – Grain-Size Comparator Chart – Sediment Description Checklist – Wulff Stereonet – Lambert Equal-Area Projection

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