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Mining Techniques Videos

Telestack Installs Stockpiling, Reclaiming and Barge-Loading System for London Mining

Telestack have installed a stockpiling, reclaiming and barge-loading system for London Mining in Sierre Leone, Africa.

Telestack TU 815 Mobile Truck Unloader

The video shows the Telestack TU 815 mobile truck unloader reclaiming coal with trucks and wheel loaders at powerstation.

7900 ICP-MS System from Agilent Technologies

This video shows Agilent 7900 ICP-MS system, a next generation system that combines innovative technology with a new MassHunter software platform to make it the most powerful and highly automated quadrupole ICP-MS system.

Bruker’s S8 TIGER WDXRF Spectrometer

In this video Dr. Colin Slater, Application Scientist from Bruker talks about the S8 TIGER WDXRF spectrometer.

Niton XL3t XRF Analyzers from Thermo Scientific

This video shows the Niton XL3t XRF analyzers of Thermo scientific with embedded GPS system.

Telestack TU 515 Mobile Radial Truck Unloader

This video shows the Telestack TU 515 mobile radial truck unloader stockpiling directly from trucks.

Mining Natural Zeolite

This video shows the and the production and applications of Zeolite. Zeolite is an underrated natural mineral formed via high P-T conditions that can be used in wide-ranging applications from agriculture to construction.

Portable XRF Analyzers for the Mining Industry

This video demonstrates the use of portable XRF analyzers in the mining industry. The portable XRF analyzers are widely used for exploration and mining applications.

984 Horizontal Screener from Terex Finlay

This video shows an advanced tracked mobile inclined screen called 984 Horizontal screener from Terex Finlay. A belt feed hopper with single/double vibrating grid or remote tipping grid is available.

Automatic Stockpiling of Materials by TC 421R Tracked Radial Conveyor

This video shows the automatic stockpiling of materials by TC 421R tracked radial conveyor from Telestack.

FEI Corporation Overview

With more than 60 years of innovation and leadership, FEI enables customers to find meaningful answers to questions that accelerate breakthrough discover­ies, increase productivity, and ultimately change the world. FEI designs, manu­factures, and supports the broadest range of high-performance microscopy workflows that provide images and answers in the micro-, nano-, and picometer scales.

Assembly, Testing and Installation Procedure of Telestack's Conveyor Systems

This video shows the in-factory assembly, testing and on-site installation procedure of the custom designed conveyor systems from Telestack.

SciAps Introduces LIBS High Resolution Raman Spectrometer

The functioning of the LIBS high resolution Raman spectrometer from SciAps is shown in this video. This handheld analyzer, named as Z, is designed to provide operation similar to silicon drift detector-based HHXRF analyzers.

Telestack TS 1542 Radial Telescopic Stockpiling Conveyor

This video shows the automatic stockpiling of materials at 1500TPH from a fixed crushing and screening plant by TS 1542 radial telescopic conveyor from Telestack.

Terex Finlay Unveils Finlay 206 Logwasher

This video shows the Finlay 206 Logwasher which is capable of removing clay conglomerates from stone products.

Company Movie of Sandvik Mining

This video shows the company movie of Sandvik Mining. The company supplies world’s leading mining systems, technical and service solutions.

Efficient Stockyard Equipments from Sandvik

This video shows the efficient stockyard equipments (circular or longitudinal layouts) from Sandvik.

Coiled Tubing Drilling Rig Animation

Reel Revolution has developed the world's first API certified Coiled Tubing Drilling Rig which has the ability to rotate coiled tubing from surface at up to 20 RPM using coiled tubing sizes up to 3 ½ " OD.

New Heavy Duty Screen from Terex Finlay

This video shows the Terex Finlay 883 heavy duty screen which has been specifically developed to operate as a leading screen in construction and demolition, quarry, recycling, coal, gravel, sand, landfill materials, and iron ore processing applications.

MineMaster Torquematic Mine Utility Vehicles and Personnel Carriers

This video shows the MineMaster Torquematic mine utility vehicles which are equipped with various features such as protective operator guards, CANMET-certified diesel engines, non slip 3-point access on all entry points for improved safety, walk-through operator compartment, heavy duty frame, and high ground clearance.

Bruker’s S2 RANGER EDXRF Spectrometer

In this video Dr. Colin Slater, Application Scientist from Bruker talks about the S2 RANGER EDXRF Spectrometer.


This video shows Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence (TXRF) with the S2 PICOFOX used for Teaching from Bruker.

Overview of Terex Finlay I-130RS Impact Crusher

This video shows the Terex Finlay I-130RS tracked impact crusher which is built on the Terex Finlay I-130 series. It features both screening and crushing functions in a single platform.

MineMaster GEN III Sweeper Vehicle for Mine Operations

This video shows the MineMaster Torquematic GEN III Sweeper, which has been custom designed for underground tasks in mine operations.

R20S Mine Utility Vehicles from MineMaster

This video shows the MineMaster R20S mine utility vehicles and personnel carriers.

Terex Finlay Unveils 863 Mobile Tracked Heavy Duty Screen

This video shows the new, advanced Terex Finlay 863 heavy duty screen which is a rugged and compact screen. This forward-facing mobile plant is capable of operating in construction demolition, sand, aggregates, gravel, top soil, and recycling purposes.

Underground Drilling with Jumbo Drill Drig

This video is of a two boom Gardner-Denver jumbo drilling in the 3859 access drift (4000 feet below surface and 14,000 feet horizontally from the #4 shaft) for the Newfold Ore Body within the Balmat #4 Mine.

Terex Finlay Unveils I-130 Tracked Impact Crusher

This video shows the Terex Finlay I-130 impact crusher developed for mining, recycling, quarrying, and demolition purposes. This machine is equipped with a Terex Cedarapids 1313 impact chamber featuring a sophisticated electronic control system.

Telestack TS 532 Radial Telescopic Road Mobile Conveyor

This video shows the easy-to-operate TS 532 radial telescopic road mobile conveyor from Telestack.

Telestack LDU 521 Cambered Boom Conveyor Shiploading from Grain Trucks

This video shows the Telestack LDU 521 cambered boom conveyor shiploading from grain trucks.

Screening and Conveying Solutions from Anaconda

Alistair Forsyth, of Anaconda Equipment, talks to about screening and conveying solutions at Hillhead 2012.

Vanta Handheld XRF Analyzer for the Geosciences Community

This video outlines how the geosciences community is using Vanta XRF analyzers to save time and money. Experts from the International Mining Group highlight the features and benefits of portable XRF in the geosciences field.

Terex Finlay Unveils MP-300 Mobile Rinser

This video shows the TEREX Finlay MP-300 Mobile Rinser which is equipped with a 206 Logwasher, rear conveyor, massive conveyor, and dewatering screen.

Focus 2.0 – Second Generation of Focus Optical Flow Meter

This video shows Focus 2.0 optical flow meter from Photon Control. The flow meter is designed for gas flaring applications, using Laser 2 Focus Velocimetry Technology

Telestack TS 1242 Radial Telescopic Conveyor

This video shows the stockpiling of nickel ore (0 - 300mm) at1200TPH from a fixed crushing plant by TS 1242 radial telescopic conveyor from Telestack.

MineMaster R20S Shotcreter Mine Utility Vehicle

This video shows the MineMaster R20S Shotcreter mine utility vehicle. It includes a variety of features such as fully upgraded electrical system, CANMET-certified diesel engines, stainless steel dash and heavy duty mining type switches, walk-through operator compartment, protective operator guards, safety starting system, and inching pedal.


In this video Dr. Colin Slater, Application Scientist from Bruker talks about the GEO-QUANT-EXPRESS.

FluidScan® Q1000 from Spectro for Oil Condition Assessment

This video demonstrates FluidScan® Q1000 handheld analyzer from Spectro Scientific. This analyzer provides fluid condition assessment based on ASTM Method.

Bruker’s D2 PHASER X-Ray Powder Diffractometer

In this video Nathan Henderson, Application Scientist from Bruker talks about the D2 PHASER, desktop X-ray powder diffractometer.

MineMaster Underground Cable Pusher Vehicle

This video shows the MineMaster Underground Cable Pusher Vehicle, which is exclusively designed to deploy cables in underground mines. The cable reel assembly is carried using the rear forklift mast.

Applications of Field-Portable XRF in Mining Laboratories

This video shows the applications of a portable XRF system in mining laboratories. The portable XRF system can provide excellent, fast, real-time results in mineral processing facilities.

Bruker’s Two-Dimensional X-ray Diffraction (XRD2) System

In this video experts form Bruker talks about the two-dimensional X-ray diffraction (XRD2) system.

MineMaster RTV900 Mine Utility Vehicles and Personnel Carriers

This video shows MineMaster RTV900 range of mine utility vehicles and personnel carriers.

UnderBalanced Drillling Animation

This animated video shows us the Underbalanced drilling method, or UBD. Underbalanced drilling is a procedure used to drill oil and gas wells where the pressure in the wellbore is kept lower than the fluid pressure in the formation being drilled. As the well is being drilled, formation fluid flows into the wellbore and up to the surface.

PF300 Mobile Crushing Plant from Sandvik

This video shows the benefits and features of the new PF300 mobile crushing plant from Sandvik. The machine can be equipped with a sizer, double-roll crusher or hybrid-crusher.

Machine Control Solutions from TopCon

Dan Smith, Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc, talks to about machine control solutions at Hillhead 2012.

Terex Finlay Launches 683 Supertrak Screener

This video shows the Texex Finlay 663 Supertrak Screener which has been specifically designed to operate in confined areas.

Bruker’s TWIN/TWIN Setup

In this video expert from Bruker talks about the TWIN/TWIN setup used in D8 ADVANCE diffractometer.

Bruker’s GEO-QUANT

In this video Dr. Colin Slater, Application Scientist from Bruker talks about the GEO-QUANT.

Bruker’s S8 DRAGON XRF Spectrometer

In this video Dr. Colin Slater, Application Scientist from Bruker talks about the S8 DRAGON XRF Spectrometer.

Coal Mining Bucket Wheel Machine

This amateur video shows a bucket wheel excavator working at a coal mine in Western Germany. Bucket-wheel excavators (BWEs) are heavy equipment used in surface mining and civil engineering.

Mobile Wash Plants from Terex Finlay

This video shows a complete range of mobile wash plants from Terex Finlay. The products are cost-effective and highly efficient. The energy-conscious systems have been specifically designed to allow easy relocation and instant installation, and are suitable for short-term projects.

Bucyrus Dragline Time Lapse Video

Footage of a Bucyrus dragline in action. Draglines are a primary excavating tool used in many surface mining operations worldwide.

XRF TouchControl- Bruker

This video shows the TouchControl option in XRF from Bruker. The TouchControl consistently favors easy, intuitive operation.

Telestack TC 421R Tracked Radial Conveyor

This video shows the Telestack TC 421R tracked mounted radial conveyor stockpiling from mobile crusher.

Thin Film Analysis Using Bruker D8 Discover

This video shows how Bruker D8 Discover X-ray diffractometer determines the thickness, lattice constant, crystallographic orientation and quality of thin films.

MineMaster R20S: Mine Utility Vehicle with Rotating Backhoe and Scraper Blade

This video shows the MineMaster R20S mine utility vehicle that features a scraper blade attachment and a rotating backhoe boom. Using the sideshift feature, the boom can be moved to the left or right hand side.

Block Caving Process Animation

This video describes the block caving process with 3D animation.

Loading Barges From Trucks Using TU 515R Truck Unloader

A TU515R Truck Unloader from Telestack loading Barges in USA.

C-1540RS Cone Crusher from Terex Finlay

This video shows the C-1540RS Cone Crusher from Terex Finlay that combines screening and crushing operations in a single equipment.

Environmental Clean-up of 38 Abandoned Uranium Mine Sites

A video following the cleanup of Uranium mines in the Athabasca Basin region. Contains some background history on the Uranium mining in the Athabasca Basin region