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Integrated Tailings Solutions in Mineral Beneficiation Plants

Integrated Tailings Solutions in Mineral Beneficiation Plants

Integrated Feed Solutions in Mineral Beneciation Plants

Integrated Feed Solutions in Mineral Beneciation Plants

Small-Scale Mining In Columbia Threatened

For centuries, small scale mining has been a part of life in the Cauca region of Colombia. Now the region is being taken over by international companies. This video is a preview of a documentary by acclaimed Columbian filmmaker Hollman Morris, which is available now.

3D Animated Flythrough of Halmans Mine by 3D MSI

3D Mine Surveying International Ltd are a company who offer the very latest in underground mine surveying.

Applications of Field-Portable XRF in Mining Laboratories

This video shows the applications of a portable XRF system in mining laboratories. The portable XRF system can provide excellent, fast, real-time results in mineral processing facilities.

Portable XRF Analyzers for the Mining Industry

This video demonstrates the use of portable XRF analyzers in the mining industry. The portable XRF analyzers are widely used for exploration and mining applications.

Strip Mining Video

Pioneer Coal Strip Mine in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. This 40 foot seam of coal is said to be the thickest in the world. The front end loader is a LeTourneau L950 and has a 18yd bucket. A D-11 CAT is pushing fill.

Environmental Clean-up of 38 Abandoned Uranium Mine Sites

A video following the cleanup of Uranium mines in the Athabasca Basin region. Contains some background history on the Uranium mining in the Athabasca Basin region

Vanta Handheld XRF Analyzer for the Geosciences Community

This video outlines how the geosciences community is using Vanta XRF analyzers to save time and money. Experts from the International Mining Group highlight the features and benefits of portable XRF in the geosciences field.

Bingham Canyon Copper Open Pit Mine

The Bingham Canyon Mine is an open-pit mining operation extracting a large porphyry copper deposit southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, in the Oquirrh Mountains.

Newmont Gold Mine in Carlin, Nevada

Amateur video of Newmont mine in Nevada. Newmont has been pouring gold in Nevada for nearly 50 years along a 100-mile stretch of highway in the north section of the state.