Multi-Function Instrument for On-Site Analysis of Machinery Oils and Lubricants: The Spectro 5200 Trivector Oil Analyzer

The Spectro 5200 Trivector oil analyzer is suitable for detecting different lubricant-related problems and for on-site analysis of lubricants and machinery oils. The instrument helps in identifying issues related to lubricant chemistry, metal wear and contamination.

The multi-function analyzer integrates different tests into a single instrument, including laser particle counting, viscosity measurement, water detection, magnetic differentiation of wear particles, and dielectric measurement. It has the ability to generate wear debris filter patches for microscopic analysis.

The Spectro 5200 Trivector oil analyzer complies with the ASTM Standard Practice D7416.

Key Features

The main features of the Spectro 5200 Trivector oil analyzer are:

  • Easy and quick startup with an editable reference database of common lubricants
  • Automated diagnostic interpretation and recommendations
  • Automatically prints or sends reports through e-mail or fax
  • Basic MiniLab and Comprehensive MiniLab
  • Data import and management for laboratories of any size
  • Customer address book with customized reporting profiles
  • Custom configurable report
  • Set alarm limits utilizing statistical analysis
  • Laboratory information management software
  • Wear Debris Analysis Module
  • Simple graphical plots and trends depict every measurement
  • Standardize wear debris analysis utilizing a multiple-choice matrix
  • Step-by-step operation of each Minilab instrument


The applications of the Spectro 5200 Trivector oil analyzer are:

  • Provides field analysis of machinery oils and lubricants
  • Determines most lubricant-related problems
  • Provides comprehensive indications of contamination, lubricant chemistry, and metal wear
  • Lubricants for rotating machinery such as motors, pumps, feed pumps, compressors, gearboxes, turbines, air handlers, transmissions, drives, and hydraulic systems

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