Heavy Duty Pedestal Boom for Gyratory Crushing – the RB1050 HD

Atlas Copco’s RB1050 HD is a two section pedestal boom that is specifically designed for heavy duty gyratory crusher applications. The equipment has a horizontal reach of about 9.2 m and is integrated with the AutoLube automatic boom lubrication system and the SlewDevice with 270 degree rotation.

Key Features

The product features of the RB1050 HD pedestal boom are:

  • HB2000, MB1700 or MB1500 breaker allows for improved productivity
  • AutoLube automatic boom lubrication system increases boom’s life expectancy and reduces maintenance
  • SlewDevice with 270 degree rotation allows optimum reach and ease of maintenance


The specifications of the RB1050 HD pedestal boom are provided in the table below:

Technical Specifications  
Duty Heavy
Application Gyratory crusher
Horizontal reach (breaker vertical), max 8.9 m
Vertical reach (excluding breaker), max 4.4 m
Swing 270
Number of boom sections 2
Power pack 75 kW
Radial raking depending on reach, max at 2 m 1000 - 3000 kg
Operating mass excluding breaker, Power pack and control console 8800 kg
Recommended breaker weight 1500 - 2200 kg
Hydraulic breaker MB1000, MB1200, MB1500, MB1700 or HB2000

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