Scooptram RRC Underground Loader by Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco offers Scooptram RRC which is designed for use in stopes and areas where the risk of falling rocks is high. An operator can carry out mucking until the stopes are empty by standing away from the equipment, thus achieving high ore recovery. Mucking can be done along the ore body for narrow stopes, thus reducing the development of costly crosscut in waste rock. Scooptram RRC is very easy to use, and has high reliability. It can be operated continuously for 8 h using standard rechargeable AA batteries. It can be customized to meet the project requirements, and can be integrated with mines existing management systems or other third-party systems.

Key Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of the offers Scooptram RRC are:

  • Standard W-LAN communication network for ensuring high flexibility with low cost
  • Low vehicle ware and maintenance due to advanced algorithms
  • It uses Bluetooth communication technology for a safe and reliable remote link
  • Warnings and vehicle error are displayed to the operator
  • It can be compatible with future software upgrades and autonomous vehicle integrations
  • Proportional brake control
  • Remote data feedback for monitoring the equipment and controlling the production
  • Atlas Copco Radio Remote Control (RRC) designed for Atlas Copco’s Scooptram loaders
  • Semi-autonomous production cycle with high productivity
  • It can tram in second gear
  • Safe and reliable remote control for remote operations in unsafe areas
  • Flexible configuration in order to satisfy the requirements of customers

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