Rapid Short Drilling for Small Diameter Raises – Robbins 34RH C QRS from Atlas Copco

The Robbins 34RH C QRS is a designed by Atlas Copco for rapidly drilling short and small diameter raises. Due to its unique design, it consumes less time while using traditional raiseboring machines. It is capable of drilling a raise of about 1.2 m diameter in conventional back reaming or 720 mm in diameter in down reaming in most rock types.

Key Features

The key features of the Robbins 34RH C QRS are:

  • A tandem hydraulic motor coupled in-line to a gearbox is provided in the drive system. The drive system consists of lowest inertia compared to all other drives. It does not subject the drill string to high stall torques
  • A base frame is provided for levelling the machine using four hydraulic jacks. It can be used in combination with two stingers extending from the top of the machine in order to support the machine in place
  • The single hydraulic drive power pack ensures excellent torque limiting control and variable speed.

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