Low Profile Raise Boring Modular Rig – The Robbins 91RH C from Atlas Copco

The Robbins 91RH C is the most recent addition to the Robbins low profile series that brings the benefit of raise boring to more underground mine locations. Its modular design enables disassembly into relatively small components for easy transport through smaller haulage ways and the powerful hydraulic drive of the 91RH C makes it ideal for large raises up to 5.0 m (17 ft).

Key Features

The key features of the Robbins 91 RH-C are:

  • They are dual hydraulic pumps for high machine availability
  • Includes a gearbox incorporated in a barrel allowing the drive train to be disassembled into smaller components without losing the preload of the main bearings. This ensures that time is saved during maintenance & transportation
  • Includes a sliding fork worktable wrench in combination with the semi-automatic drive head wrench eliminating the need to handle heavy wrenches

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