Robbins 34RH C Raiseboring Machine from Atlas Copco

The Robbins 34RH C available from Atlas Copco is a small-diameter raiseboring machine which has been designed for slot raises, narrow vein mining and back filling applications. This low-profile, multipurpose raise drill is capable of performing upward boxhole boring, down-reaming and raise boring operations based on the configuration of numerous alternatives. The machine is lightweight and is one of the most flexible and technically advanced raise drills available on the market.

Key Features

The product features of the Robbins 34RH C raiseboring machine are:

  • Telescopic thrust cylinders offer high thrust in low profile
  • Rigid columns deliver optimum torque reaction, thus extending the durability of the thrust cylinders
  • The single powerpack hydraulic drive includes excellent torque-limiting control and variable speed
  • The Rig Control System (RCS) is easy-to-use and reliable
  • The RCS’ electronic components are interchangeable and standard
  • Serviceability, equipment reliability and drilling precision are improved by RCS technology
  • Event logging system and integrated diagnostics aid in equipment maintenance
  • Built in interlocks help prevent human errors
  • Trolley mounted operator panel having full-colour display
  • Typical functions comprise auto makeup, anti-jamming, steady ramp up of power at the initiation of pilot drilling and reaming
  • The drive system comprises a tandem hydraulic motor joined in-line to a gearbox. It has the lowest inertia among all the drives and protects the drill string from high stall torques


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