Long-Hole Drilling Rig Simba M6 C from Atlas Copco

This long hole drilling rig Simba M6 C for medium to large sized drifts in the 51 -89 mm hole range can ring drill parallel holes with a spacing of 1.5 m in the side walls and 3 m spacing downward and upward. It has a high-performance top hammer rock drill and a rig control system from atlas Copco offering a high-precision, sustainable solution for long-hole drilling.

Key Features

The key features of the long-hole drilling rig are:

  • It has a COP 1838ME 18 kW rock drill for high productivity and availability or COP 2550UX 25 kW for tougher rock conditions and larger holes
  • It is equipped with a rod carousel for 17+1 rods for mechanized drilling up to 32 m or 27+1 rods for mechanized drilling up to 51 m
  • The control of the Simba M4 C is done by the computerized, reliable rig control system that ensures productivity, precision and also ergonomic relief for the operator.

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