Long-Hole Drilling Rig Simba M4 C from Atlas Copco

This long hole drilling rig Simba M4 C for medium size drifts caters to the 51 – 89 mm hole range. The rig can ring drill parallel holes in the side walls with 1.5 m spacing and up to 3 m spacing downward and upward. It has a rig control system and a high-performance top hammer that offers a high-accuracy sustainable solution for long-hole drilling.

Key Features

The key features of the Rig Simba M4 C are:

  • The long hole drilling rig is equipped with the COP 1838ME 18 kW rock drill for high productivity and availability or COP 2550UX 25 kW for tough rock conditions and large hole range
  • Rod carousel for 17+1 rods for mechanized drilling up to 32 m or 27+1 rods for mechanized drilling up to 51 m.
  • The Simba M4 C is monitored by the computerized, reliable Rig Control System (RCS), that ensures accuracy, productivity and also ergonomic relief for the operator.

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