Electrical Underground Loader - The Scooptram EST3.5 from Atlas Copco

The Electrical Scooptram EST3.5 available from Atlas Copco is a 6 metric tonne underground loader that is suitable for small to medium-sized underground operations, such as production mining, development work, and construction. The loader is ideal for operations with inadequate ventilation for diesel LHDs, or for operations that have existing infrastructure for electric LHDs.

Key Features

The product features of the Electric Electrical Scooptram EST3.5 are:

  • Electric motor with onboard start and overload protection comes in a range of electrical frequencies and voltages for optimum flexibility
  • Parallel-boom design combined with a rugged bucket configuration offers efficient mucking
  • Random wrap cable reel with automatic tensioning in various cables fulfills the specifications of any mine’s electrical system
  • Ground fault/ground check systems offer protection to mine workers
  • Side-seated operator position ensures efficient bi-directional operation with optimum visibility

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