Low Profile Small Diameter Raise Drill for Slot Raises, Back Filling and Narrow Vein Mining - Robbins 34RH C

The Robbins 34RH C wide is a low profile small diameter raise drill which is suitable for use in upward boxhole boring, and conventional raiseboring and downreaming. It is highly versatile, and can also be used for back filling, slot raises, and narrow vein mining applications. A wide frame is used for passing a 1060 mm reamer through the worktable.

Key Features

The key features of the Robbins 34RH C wide are:

  • Telescopic thrust cylinders are available for offering high thrust in low profile
  • Stabilizers and reamer can be passed through the mainframe using remote controlled hydraulic worktable
  • The single hydraulic drive power pack offers high torque limiting control and variable speed.

Optional Equipment

The Robbins 34RH C wide has the following optional equipment:

  • Control system
  • Electrical system
  • Derrick
  • Control station
  • Hydraulic system

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