Electric Underground Loader from Atlas Copco (Scooptram EST2D)

Atlas Copco offers the Electric Scooptram EST2D, which is an advanced and reliable electric underground loader and has a tramming capacity of 3.6 metric tonne. The loader is suitable for mines where local conditions, like high ambient temperatures and reduced mine ventilation, make it impractical to use diesel-powered equipment.

Key Features

The product features of the Electric Scooptram EST2D are:

  • Ground fault/ground check systems ensure protection for mine workers
  • Electric motor with onboard start and overload protection comes in different electrical frequencies and voltages for high flexibility
  • Parallel-boom design combined with an rugged bucket configuration offers efficient mucking
  • Side-seated operator position allows efficient bi-directional operation with optimum visibility
  • Random wrap cable reel with automatic tensioning in various cables fulfills the specifications of any mine’s electrical system

Optional Equipment

  • Operator’s compartment
  • Controls and instruments
  • Power unit
  • Main frame
  • Electrical system
  • Hydraulic system

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