Minetruck MT436B from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco offers the minetruck MT436B which is designed for large-scale operations, which include construction projects, development work, and development work. It is an underground truck which has a capacity of about 32.6 metric tonne.

Key Features

The key features of the minetruck MT436B are:

  • SAHR brake system present in the MT436B increases the component life and ensures reliable breaking
  • Electric transmission shift control increases ergonomic efficiency and comfort, and ensures convenient shifting
  • ISO ROPS/FOPS-certified operator compartment with back protection ensures safety of the operator
  • Centralized lubrication ensures easy maintenance and prolongs the service life of component
  • Jacobs Engine Brake provides increased brake life and automatic engine-over-speed protection, reducing heat from breaking to lower maintenance costs while improving safety
  • Jacobs engine brake is provided for automatic engine-over-speed protection, increases the break life, ensuring high safety, and reducing heat from breaking in order to reduce maintenance cost
  • Converter lockup ensures better power transfer, and increases the component life, thus achieving high productivity.

Optional Equipment

The optional equipment available for the minetruck MT436B are:

  • Controls and instruments
  • Electrical system
  • Power unit
  • Main frame
  • Parts and services
  • Documentation

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