Boomer S1 D Face Drilling Rig from Atlas Copco

Boomer S1 D is a modern single-boom, hydraulic face drilling rig which is used in small drifts and tunnels. A direct control system (DCS) is provided in the rig. DCS is reliable and robust. A COP rock drill and a flexible BUT 29 boom are provided for increasing the productivity. The rig is easy to operate and maintain.

Key Features

The key features of the Boomer S1 D are:

  • BUT 29 heavy-duty boom for ensuring direct, fast and easy positioning
  • DCS with anti-jamming function for better drill steel economy
  • Low-emission diesel engine for reducing environmental impact, and ensuring better performance
  • COP 1638, COP 1838 or COP 2238 rock drills can be used in different rock conditions.

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