The Robbins 123RVF C Raise Boring Machine – for Sinking Shafts in Mining and Civil Engineering from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco offers the Robbins 123RVF C raise boring machine which is a very powerful raise drill. It can be used as sinking shafts in mining or civil engineering applications. It is an ideal choice for use in large diameter and long hole raise boring applications. RCS control system is provided for controlling torque and speed. Power loss and back spin can be avoided by using capacitor battery and built in break resistors.

Key Features

The key features of the Robbins 123RVF C raise boring machine are:

  • A gearbox is provided in a barrel in order to easily dismantle the drive train into smaller components without losing the preload of the main bearings, thus saving transportation and maintenance time
  • Frequency control drive is provided for controlling speed and torque
  • The VF drive has excellent torque limiting control and high speed
  • Water cooled, hollow shaft, 3 phase AC motor is available
  • RCS system is user-friendly, and ensures high reliability.

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