20 Tonne Underground Mine truck - The MT 2010 by Atlas Copco

Minetruck MT 2010 is a 20 metric tonne underground truck which is suitable for high speed development and also for use in small- and medium-scale underground operations.

Key Features

The key features of the Minetruck MT 2010 are:

  • Optimal box profile is available for ensuring clean and fast dumping
  • Optional spacious and ergonomically designed operator’s compartment is present for reducing fatigue of the operator and also for increasing operator’s safety.
  • Rock Tough axles for ensuring high reliability
  • A high power-to-weight ratio for high ramp haulage performance
  • It is CE certified
  • Long-life roller bearing centre hinge.

Optional Equipment

The following are available optional equipment for the Minetruck MT 2010:

  • Controls and Instruments
  • Main frame
  • Power unit
  • Drive train
  • Parts and services
  • Documentation
  • Electrical system

Other Equipment by this Supplier