50 Tonne Capacity Electric Minetruck – EMT50 from Atlas Copco

The Electric Minetruck EMT50 is a highly productive 50 t load capacity underground truck. It is two times as fast as any diesel truck with the same capacity that makes it the most productive truck worldwide. The axles are directly driven reducing transmission losses. Regenerative braking returns the energy to the grid. About 30% of the energy consumed up the ramp is regenerated going back down.

Key Features

The key features of the minetruck EMT50 are:

  • High speed cause the electric truck to be 20% more productive when compared to a diesel equivalent truck
  • The energy consumption is reduced with up to 70% when compared to diesel trucks with high-efficiency electric motors
  • Ventilation costs can be kept to a minimum
  • Very low heat are generated in the mine

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