MT436LP Underground Truck by Atlas Copco

The Minetruck MT436LP is a low-profile underground truck which has capacity of about 32.6 metric tonne. It is suitable for use in low seam mining applications where back height is less than 2.8m.

Key Features

The key features of the MT436LP underground truck are:

  • Forward and rear-viewing cameras are present in the minetruck MT436LP for providing excellent visibility in both tramming directions. The cameras are connected to transmission unit and a canopy-mounted monitor.
  • ISO ROPS/FOPS canopy with back protection function ensures high safety
  • Electric transmission shift control in the minetruck MT436LP offers convenient shifting, and maximizes ergonomic efficiency and comfort
  • SAHR brake system is provided for ensuring reliable breaking and prolonging the service life of the component
  • Converter lockup is available for reducing heat, ensuring better power transfer, and increasing the component life, thus maximizing the productivity level
  • Jacobs engine brake offers automatic engine over-speed protection, increases brake life, and reduces heat from breaking to minimize maintenance cost

Optional Equipment

The following are available as optional equipment for MT436LP underground truck are:

  • Power unit
  • Main frame
  • Documentation
  • Parts and services
  • Controls and instruments
  • Electrical system

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