Long-Hole Drilling Rig Simba 1252 from Atlas Copco

Small to medium sized drifts can be drilled using the long-hole drilling rig Simba 1252. It is provided with high-performance top hammer rock drill for controlling the long-hole drilling process. The rig can be used for drilling parallel holes in the side walls, and in downward and upward directions.

Key Features

The product features of the Simba 1252 long-hole drilling rig are:

  • Line-of-sight remote control for ensuring high mobility
  • COP 2550UX 25 kW rock drill for use in hard rock conditions and larger holes, or COP 1838ME 18 kW rock drill for high availability and high productivity
  • Rod carousel with 17+1 rods is available for mechanized drilling up to 32 m.

Optional Equipment

The optional equipment available for the Simba 1252 long-hole drilling rig are:

  • Positioning system options
  • Carrier
  • Electrical system
  • Drilling system
  • Power packs

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