Simba L3 C Long-Hole Drilling Rig for Medium Sized Drifts by Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco offers Simba L3 C long-hole drilling rig which is designed for drilling parallel holes upward and downward with a spacing of about up to 1.5 m. It is suitable for use in medium sized drifts with a hole range of about 98 to 178 mm, and is provided with a Rig Control System (RCS) for offering a sustainable high-precision solution for long-hole drilling process. It also consists of a high-performance tophammer rock drill for large hole diameters.

Key Features

The key features of the Simba L3 C long-hole drilling rig are:

  • Rod carousel with 27+1 pipes for performing mechanized drilling up to 51 m
  • COP 4050MUX 40 kW rock drill is available for ensuring high productivity at large hole diameters
  • A reliable, computerized Rig Control System (RCS) is used for controlling the rig, thus increasing productivity, and ensuring high precision and ergonomic relief for the operator.

Optional Equipments

The optional equipments available for Simba L3 C long-hole drilling rig are:

  • Automation
  • Drilling system
  • Protective roof
  • Feed/positioning system
  • Carrier
  • Water system
  • Electrical system.

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