Diesel Hydraulic Scaling Rock Drill Rig for Tunnelling and Mining - Scaletec LC-DH from Atlas Copco

The Scaletec LC-DH available from Atlas Copco is a fully mechanized, diesel-hydraulic scaling rig that is exclusively designed for mining and tunnelling applications. The unit is equipped with a Rig Control System to provide operators a complete control of positioning and percussion. The BUT SC boom’s patented design improves reach from a single setup.

In addition, the diesel-hydraulic power source offers excellent flexibility, and uses the diesel motor for tramming and scaling operations. A completely self-sufficient unit is created with the addition of on-board water tanks.  Furthermore, the L-size carrier is used by the Scaletec LC.

Key Features

The product features of the Scaletec LC-DH are:

  • Rig Control System handles positioning and percussion to ensure high productivity and accuracy.
  • BUT SC boom’s special patented boom design along with mechanical parallel holding system improves coverage area.
  • Atlas Copco SB 302 Scaler hammer is optimized for scaling operations and guarantees increased productivity.
  • FOPS-approved cabin, with its 15-degree cabin tilt and 375 mm vertical cabin lift, offers enhanced safety with improved visibility and ergonomics.
  • Low-emission, turbo-charged diesel engine delivers high performance and has low environmental impact.

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