The RB900 HD Heavy Duty Gyratory Crusher Pedestal Boom from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco offers the RB900 HD which is a two-section boom. It is suitable for heavy duty gyratory crusher applications. It ensures maximum horizontal reach of about 8.5 m.

Key Features

The key features of the RB900 HD are:

  • MB1500, MB1700 or HB2000 breaker is available for ensuring high productivity
  • SlewDevice with 270 degree rotation is present for ensuring easy maintenance access and maximum reach
  • AutoLube automatic boom lubrication system is provided for increasing the service life of the boom and ensuring low maintenance.


The specifications of the RB900 HD are given in the following table.

Duty Heavy
Recommended breaker weight 1500-2000 kg
Power pack 75 kW
Horizontal reach (breaker vertical), max 8.4 m
Vertical reach (excluding breaker), max 4.9 m
Radial raking depending on reach, max at 2 m 1000-3000 kg
Operating mass excluding breaker, Power pack and control console 8780 kg
Swing 270
Application Gyratory crusher
Number of boom sections

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